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Inflatable Lounge Couch

The Inflatable Lounge Couch

This is all about to make a lazy bag in seconds and enjoy your instant comfort!

The Air Sofa is both fun and easy to install. Just swing this ultra light bag around the air and your full size lounge chair is ready to use. It's easy to deflate, just roll it up and put into it's handy carry bag. Use this awesome air mattress and forget the heavy beach chairs or towels! You can use it on many surface like sand, grass or rocks!

The best to have a rest on:

  • Festivals
  • Parks
  • Beach
  • By the pool
  • Mountains
  • Campus halls
  • Anywhere you want ;)


Measurements: 260 cm x 70 cm x 30 cm (packed: 31.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 13 cm)
Comes in a small rucksack bag with the same color.
No external pump needed. Two scoops of air and the relaxation can begin.

Material: Super strong and lightweight nylon. A parachute fabric.
Colors: red, green, orange, yellow, dark blue

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