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Urchfab - The Rat Rod


Hey Everybody!

Let me have a short post about a topic that can be really nice to everyone: this is Hotrod! And let me add some extra to boost the topic: Drift! Plus the fact, this is all about pure and skilled handcraft, just makes it more spicy and interesting.

Have you heard about Urchfab? Not yet? The story started in 2014, when Matt Urch has drifted that summer out with his rebuilt and modded MK2 Escort and decided to build something special for the next year. He found a rusty, ran down 1953 Ford Anglia for shell and started to cut it into pieces. After many hours and gallons of sweat and blood he had put the modified body together and added a Saab B204 turbo charged engine as the soul of this beauty. It definitely needed lots of experience in engineering and bodyworks, hard work on evenings and weekends and much much more, but I think it was really worth it.

The result has been a zippy, fuel boosted atomic core on four sexy wheels.

Check out this massive pioneer of Rat Rods and be inspired!

Urchfab - The Rat Monster

Hell of a drift rod

The creator and his masterpiece

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