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Clarabella, as it attires You!

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Hey Everybody!

Lot’s of things happened with us since our last post...I hope you guys all OK :)

We have a bunch of new brands and fantastic products in our shop! Yippee! You can check them out on www.clarabellatattoowear.com

But hey, it’s SUMMER! I love this season and I’m sure about that many of you Guys also do! I usually start to bustle at the and of May, so it’s just time to start letting the steam off.

Summertime is just about beautful colors, frothy rags, sandy beach, cold beer, cool festivals, freak live shows and many other things which let us to slack. It is so „all-round” period of the year, so I just can’t get enough of it and I always will sad when it starts to go into autumn. But now it is only June, so I’m really happy!

Let’s see fashion, style and clothing, my No 1 topics of summer. This season let’s us to evolve our personality as much as possible. We can vary simple and complex, lazy and tight, sexy and elegant. The great weather always charges up and forces people subliminally to create fascianting mixture of styles, to shine and to be sexy. We use our new apparels and accessories to open up to the world, we try to get stylish and unique pieces to have a great time while wearing them. So it is just simple like that to feel good! Mankind simply needs fashion! And that’s why we are here ladies and gentlemen, so let me show some seasonal offer from Clarabella!

Bikinis for the Summer       The most fashionale pieces!

Summer is full of music festivals, great garden parties and beach hangouts. Let me show you a great and useful product of us, which is a perfect invention for these events.

Check this out: 


Finally let’s takea quick look at the opportunities where you can have a great time during the summer. Europe is full of awesome events, so throw off the chains and visit as much as you can!

Tomorrowland - Boom, Belgium

Sziget - Budapest, Hungary

Download - Derby, England

Donauinselfest - Vienna, Austria

Rock Werchter - Werchter, Belgium

Mysteryland - Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands

Burning The Clocks - Brighton, England

Take care, see you soon - Rock on!